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Aviation Medicine services at University Hospital Sharjah

University Hospital Sharjah (UHS) now offers Aviation Medicine services, a branch of medicine that examines the health of an airline crew and certifies them as fit to fly.

UHS is the first Hospital that has an independent Aviation Medicine clinic within its premises.

It has senior Aviation Medical Examiners (AME) on board. They are designated by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and given the authority to perform physical examinations of the pilots and crews and issue medical fitness certificates if they meet regulatory requirements.

As any health problem of a pilot affects the safety of hundreds of passengers, doctors check the heart health of the pilots, the blood pressure and order diagnostic tests such as ECG or Stress Test. Senior aeromedicine examiners advice pilots about proper diet, exercise and preventive measures to be taken.

Pilots are familiar with pre-flight checklists to ensure than an aircraft is safe and ready to fly. Equally important is the fact that the pilot and co-pilot should be physically fit and psychologically sound to safely perform their duties.

There are various reasons that could impair a pilot’s ability and render a flight unsafe, such as physical illness, medication, stress, alcohol, fatigue and emotion.

Most pilots need to have a valid medical certificate for flight.

The Aviation Medicine clinic at UHS is approved by GCAA. The clinic has a team of eight GCAA approved Aviation Medicine physicians and four certified aviation medicine nurses. The team includes two senior Aeromedical Examiners, two Aeromedical examiners, and three specialists in Cardiology, ENT and Ophthalmology.

UHS Aviation Medicine clinic is only one of the two GCAA approved independent aviation medicine providers in the UAE that can provide a full range of aviation medicals.

The Aviation Medicine clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including Initial Examination for Cabin Crew and Air Traffic Controllers.

The Clinic is located at a specially designated area within UHS. The staff has expertise in internal medicine, occupational medicine, psychiatry and pulmonary medicine.

The team of doctors are aware of the pressures and anxieties faced by airline staff and makes sure that medical examinations are carried out with the utmost personalized care and finalized without a long waiting time.

 GCAA Medicals

UHS Aviation Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services for your GCAA medicals, including:

  • Class I  Initial Examination
  • Class I Renewal
  • Class II Initial Examination
  • Class II Renewal
  • Class III Initial Examination (Air Traffic Controllers)
  • Class III Renewal
  • Cabin Crew Initial Examination
  • Cabin Crew Renewal

Overseas Medicals

UHS also conducts aviation medicals for CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia), CAA (Civil Aviation Authority of Britain), EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and FAA Federal Aviation Administration of America).

UHS Senior Aeromedical Examiners can additionally manage the following;

  • All EASA classes of medical examination
  • Fitness to work assessment
  • Direct Reinstatement of Medical Certificate
  • GCAA Medical Board Referrals
Aviation Medicine Clinic


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