Devices to measure intraocular lenses Implanted

Intraocular lens are artificial lens that are implanted in the eye to replace the eye’s natural lens that have lost the ability to focus light. In order to construct these lenses your doctor needs to make precise eye measurements of eye length, corneal curvature and the estimated position of the lens after surgery. These measurements are used to create lens that fit perfectly to your individual eye topography and provide the best power to help you see clearly.

Optical biometry, keratometry and pachymetry are techniques used to calculate eye length, corneal curvature, diameter and thickness, depth of the anterior chamber, and lens thickness. Ultrasound devices are also used for measuring eye length in case of dense cataracts, but unlike the optical biometry, ultrasound requires contact with the eye, which may cause discomfort.

For more detailed analysis of corneal curvature, including the anterior and posterior surfaces, topography and tomography imaging systems create three-dimensional color-coded maps of the cornea.


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