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Senior nursing team embarked a SWOT analysis of the nursing department to discover primal internal and external concerns and so to review the strategies of nursing plan. SWOT analysis is listing the S – trengths, W – eaknesses, O – pportunities and T – hreats of nursing department considering delivery of care, services and patients. It is an effective tool to help focus the strongest points and improve identified weaknesses. Through this a suitable nursing specific strategies were drafted. There were five identified strategies, and were divided amongst senior nursing team. One of which is “Chapter 5 - Increased awareness within community and strengthened nursing brand”. Assigned senior team for chapter 5 undertook the strategy to ground level and deliberately encouraged nursing staff to join.

Nursing department in University Hospital Sharjah establishes a solid brand. This is a jumpstart effort of the nursing department to be recognized as superior in delivering high quality patient care and to create a culture of competent and sustainable health care.

We proudly present our brand name “ARISE” which reflects the core values of UHS nurses: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.

The team is composed of empowered and dedicated nursing professionals who are committed to bring ideas, events and news that will nurture the health care atmosphere. The team facilitators are Mona Ibrahim, Shiny Abraham and Kristine Gabasan. Team members are Diana Rica Aquino, Cham Eldelyn Rodriguez, Ellaine Bajet, Rochelle Lynne Sacramento, Wyndra Molina, Rhea Uy, Elizabeth Jacob, Shirley Gorospe and Karen Caguioa.

UHS Nurses Arise with the following purposes: To enhance our professional image and reputation, to provide opportunity for growth, to improve confidence, and to empower nurses to publicize what they do behind drawn curtains.

ARISE will be available in UHS website and newsletter. It will give a wide variety of information among nurses and healthcare team. Not only to educate the readers and viewers but to give a light and prospective among doubts and queries. It will also enhance each one of us to share up to date health news and views. Among the members, it will enhance our skills in both written and social interaction.

ARISE reveal the hearts and minds of our fellow co-workers, in and out of the hospital setting. This is the soul of the caring nurses in UHS.


Cham Eldelyn Rodriguez
Staff Nurse - Outpatient Department

Kristine E. Gabasan
Infection Control Coordinator


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