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Senior nursing team embarked a SWOT analysis of the nursing department to discover primal internal and external concerns and so to review the strategies of nursing plan. SWOT analysis is listing the S – trengths, W – eaknesses, O – pportunities and T – hreats of nursing department considering delivery of care, services and patients. It is an effective tool to help focus the strongest points and improve identified weaknesses. Through this a suitable nursing specific strategies were drafted. There were five identified strategies, and were divided amongst senior nursing team. One of which is “Chapter 5 - Increased awareness within community and strengthened nursing brand”. Assigned senior team for chapter 5 undertook the strategy to ground level and deliberately encouraged nursing staff to join.

Nursing department in University Hospital Sharjah establishes a solid brand. This is a jumpstart effort of the nursing department to be recognized as superior in delivering high quality patient care and to create a culture of competent and sustainable health care.

We proudly present our brand name “ARISE” which reflects the core values of UHS nurses: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.

The team is composed of empowered and dedicated nursing professionals who are committed to bring ideas, events and news that will nurture the health care atmosphere. The team facilitators are Mona Ibrahim, Shiny Abraham and Kristine Gabasan. Team members are Diana Rica Aquino, Cham Eldelyn Rodriguez, Ellaine Bajet, Rochelle Lynne Sacramento, Wyndra Molina, Rhea Uy, Elizabeth Jacob, Shirley Gorospe and Karen Caguioa.

UHS Nurses Arise with the following purposes: To enhance our professional image and reputation, to provide opportunity for growth, to improve confidence, and to empower nurses to publicize what they do behind drawn curtains.

ARISE will be available in UHS website and newsletter. It will give a wide variety of information among nurses and healthcare team. Not only to educate the readers and viewers but to give a light and prospective among doubts and queries. It will also enhance each one of us to share up to date health news and views. Among the members, it will enhance our skills in both written and social interaction.

ARISE reveal the hearts and minds of our fellow co-workers, in and out of the hospital setting. This is the soul of the caring nurses in UHS.


Cham Eldelyn Rodriguez
Staff Nurse - Outpatient Department

Kristine E. Gabasan
Infection Control Coordinator

Message from Director of Nursing

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The nursing department here at UHS is proud to be a department that is motivated and committed to providing high quality nursing care, using an adopted patient centred approach. This commitment comes from a team that is supported by education and experience. We believe in creating an environment that is safe for both staff and patients, developing a team of nursing staff with integrity, competence and clinical best practice. Nurses here at UHS are encouraged to develop professionally throughout their career, to challenge practice and be innovators of best quality standards.

We look forward to further developing the department of nursing, providing high quality safe services for all patients who enter UHS.

UHS Medical Times May 2016

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The mission of the department is to provide exemplary total care for patients with bone, joint, muscle and associated musculo-skeletal injuries, from diagnosis through to surgery and other treatment modalities including rehabilitation.

On an in-patient and out-patient basis, core services of the department include:

Sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery & minimal invasive surgery

Shoulder and elbow surgery

Arthroplasty (joint replacement) and reconstructive surgery of knee, hip & shoulder

UHS Medical Times April 2016

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University Hospital Sharjah’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provide multidisciplinary services that best suit women’s personal health needs from puberty to after-menopause.

Our services provide advanced diagnostic evaluation, clinical care management and education. Our full range of medical care for women is provided by our esteemed physicians, nurses and midwives specializing in general obstetrics and gynecology as well as doctors with subspecialty in high-risk pregnancy, infertility, fetal medicine, gynecological endocrinology, urogynecology, gynecological cancer screening, pelvic pain, menopause and women’s wellness.

UHS Medical Times March 2016

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The “Sharjah Breast Care Centre” is the result of an agreement between Gustave Roussy Cancer Centre in Paris, Pink Caravan & University Hospital Sharjah, which were willing to instigate and develop a multidisciplinary “Breast Cancer Unit”. Its aims are to improve breast cancer prevention, favor early screening and improve patient’s outcome after treatment. The objectives of the Centre are:

    Fast diagnosis of the breast disease (benign or malignant)

    Development of a treatment pathway

    Breast cancer surgery, including oncoplastic (reconstructive and plastic surgery)

UHS Medical Times February 2016

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The ear provides humans not only the ability to hear, but also helps us to maintain a sense of balance. Both functions rely on specialized nerve receptors that respond to sound waves or changes in movement.

The three parts of the ear anatomy are the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The inner ear is also called the cochlea. (‘Cochlea’ means ‘snail’ in Latin; the cochlea gets its name from its distinctive coiled up shape).

    The outer ear consists of the pinna, ear canal and eardrum.

    The middle ear consists of the ossicles (malleus, incus, stapes) and ear drum.

    The inner ear consists of the cochlea, the auditory (hearing) nerve and the brain.

UHS Medical Times January 2016

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The kidneys are bean-shaped organs, each about 10 centimeters (4 inches) long. They are positioned in the back of the body behind the lower ribs.

A healthy kidney is basically a filtering system. In fact, each kidney is made up of about a million filtering units called nephrons.

As blood passes through the kidneys, it is "cleaned" - the body's waste products and excess fluid are removed. These waste products, along with the excess fluid, are then sent through the ureters to the bladder. Then they are passed out of the body as urine.

UHS Medical Times December 2015

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Statistics indicate that one in four deaths in the UAE every year occurs due to a condition that falls within the spectrum of heart disease. Cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease (CAD), stroke, hypertension, heart failure, disturbances in the heart and cardiomyopathy are on the rise due to sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition and obesity. The focus of this year’s World Heart Day in September was creating heart-healthy environments and ensuring that people are able to make heart-healthy choices wherever they live and work.

University Hospital Sharjah opens new Interventional Cardiology Centre to treat growing number of heart disease patients

UHS Medical Times November 2015

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The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the University Hospital Sharjah (UHS). The 6-member Board of Trustees, led by the Chairman is appointed by His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah

From Right to left

Michael Stroud

CEO and Member Board of Trustees, University Hospital Sharjah (UHS)

H.E Dr. Abdelaziz Saeed Al Mheiri

Vice Chairman Board of Trustees and Director of Sharjah
Health Authority, Govt. of Sharjah (UAE)

H.E Abdulla Ali Al Mahyan

Chairman of Board of Trustees, University Hospital Sharjah (UHS)
and Chairman Sharjah Health Authority, Govt. of Sharjah (UAE)

UHS Medical Times October 2015

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a program dedicated to educating women about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Mammography is particularly important because it can detect breast cancers too small to be felt by physical examination. Research has shown that routine mammography detects 40% of cancers not found on physical examination, thus reducing the death rate from breast cancer by 30%.

Medical experts agree that mammography screening done at regular intervals, together with clinical breast exams, and monthly breast self-examination are the three techniques that provide the best means of protection against breast cancer.

UHS Medical Times September 2015

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It took a decade for Sharjah resident Nidhal to drive out the unexpected darkness that came into her life after a surgery. When Nidhal was just 25, she had undergone a cataract surgery, which eventually led to vision loss. She was even told by doctors that she had to remain in darkness for life. Now at 45, the world is back to Nidhal in rich hues, and she could even drive without any strain to her eyes, thanks to University Hospital Sharjah (UHS).

Dr Qasem Alhammouri, UHS consultant opthalmologist, spoke of the procedures success: "This painless surgery required only 15-minutes to perform and allowed her to see clearly again."This operation helped clear the extensive mass of fibers and membranes around her lens, despite Mrs Nidhal being informed by two doctors that nothing could be done about her loss of vision and that laser surgery would not help."

UHS Medical Times July - Aug 2015

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University Hospital Sharjah’s (UHS) is pleased to share our newsletter with you. You will find that it provides important information about our hospital, including new developments and a list of services provided.

We are continually developing new services and programs that keep our system at the very forefront of medicine. It is our desire to remain at the forefront of these advances while simultaneously maintaining “evidence-based medicine and multidisciplinary team approach” in patient care, that makes UHS so special.

I welcome you to explore our newsletter and hope that you will find it as informative and user friendly as our hospital. Please be sure to contact us if we can help you in anyway.


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